Watch a short film of our previous holidays and days out - a lovely reminder of the fun times we've shared and are looking forward to again.


A break away from everyday life is essential for health and happiness.

“At first I was a little scared but when we got there I was fine. All of my friends and staff want me to come back my best part of the holiday was all of the activities”.

- Jamie, Reach holiday, January 2020

Before the pandemic we offered some day trips and a choice of two supported holidays each year to help clients get away for a few days. Our previous holiday destinations include Llandudno, Suffolk, Eastbourne, Blackpool, Great Yarmouth and the Peak District.

During the 3-night breaks, clients can practice their communication and social skills, try exciting new activities and - most importantly - relax and enjoy themselves in a safe and supportive group. Our holidays are very person-centred to ensure that they are fully accessible for each client. Families and carers can enjoy some much-needed respite from caring responsibilities.

The time and care of staff and volunteers help make these holidays affordable – without them these breaks simply could not happen.

In 2022 we are excited to finally be able to start planning outings and holidays again but we urgently need funding to cover the extended staff time and volunteer costs. If you can help, please get in touch today!


Some photos taken pre-Covid-19