Flower Pod Newark is sited on approximately two acres of land in Hawtonville near Newark. We took over the management of this beautiful community garden in 2020. The garden includes two ponds, polytunnels, a small orchard, vegetable and flower beds, fruit bushes and other interesting features. The site offers an accessible space where people with learning disabilities can take part in gardening-related learning and social activities, make new friends, enjoy outdoor activity and learn new skills as well as have opportunity for supported volunteering and mentoring.

Find us at: Hawton Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 4NP. Call Sam, Centre Manager on 01636 233163 for further information or email samantha.dakin@reachuk.org

Samantha Dakin
Flower Pod Newark Centre Manager

Hello my name is Samantha. I’ve been working as an Inspire Tutor for Reach since 2016, delivering many diverse courses for our amazing clients. During the Covid-19 pandemic I taught outdoors at both of Reach’s Flower Pod sites. I’m passionate about nature, conservation, and horticulture.

I love the mindfulness and sense of well-being, from working outside alongside clients, the amazing team of volunteers and staff we have. When people walk through the Flower Pod gates, you can physically see their shoulders relax, they breathe deeply and smile. It is a safe, welcoming and happy environment for all.

Flower Pod Newark


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Our new building

A special thank you to everyone who gave time, resources and materials for the building on the site at Flower Pod Newark. Thanks to the generosity of some incredible businesses and individuals we are now very proud owners of a building, providing much needed shelter, warmth, electricity, running water and even Wi-Fi.

Provision of building for free and co ordination of project- Premier Modular
Plumbing - Phil Coles
Groundworkers – BDS
Installation - Modular link
Site security – T&S Leisure Security Services
Transport - Modular Movements
Electrics - Warner Electrical
Rototek - donation of water tank

Flower Pod Newark - Progress in Pictures

Here are just a few examples of what's been happening at Flower Pod Newark so far....

Kings mill team

Our wild meadow is growing nicely and paths have been mown so we can explore the areas.

Kings mill team

We now have an accessible bird hide so we can watch over the pond.

FP Newark client vol

We put up our new gazebo to provide some much needed shade when working in the garden.

Delivery parcel

A great team effort went in to expanding our existing pond. It's already attracted some ducks. 

Thanks to the generosity of some incredible businesses and individuals we are now very proud owners of a new building, providing much needed shelter, warmth, electricity and eventually running water.

Special thanks to Premier Modular for the provision of building for free and co ordination of project.

Kings mill team
We took part in an art project with Southwell Minster and visited the Minster to see our work on display – it features The Minster stonework with our artwork growing from around the leaves.
FP Newark client vol

We have harvested our first lot of vegetables and are preparing the ground for this years crops

Delivery parcel

We found time to make our very own resident Scarecrows


Starting to build the dead hedge barrier on the veg bed - using up dried branches from around the site

Kings mill team
Revamp of a neglected 'Willow Igloo' with all clients supported to take part in the 'revamp' over a week
FP Newark client vol

Naturalisation of a neglected pond with clients enjoying the bio-diversity improvements already - including the arrival of courting frogs, frogspawn and even tadpoles!

Delivery parcel

Clients and staff have worked hard clearing lots of rubbish from the site 

Portrait of Ollie at Reach Southwell

Digging over veg plots and raking the flower borders. Soon it’ll be time to start planting!

Wayne delivering

Feeding the birds with home-made fruit and cheese kebabs, as well as fat peckers

Tom volunteering

Clearing, sorting and re arranging the site to create more useable space


Lots of weeding required before raking and preparing the soil

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