Fundraising Stories 

Organising a fundraiser for Reach? Why not share your story with us?
Thank you to everyone who gives up their time to help raise funds for Reach.

We have created this page so that we can share some of the great stories from our valued supporters. Thank you to every who has run, jumped, cycled, crafted, baked and more! We hope you enjoy reading and maybe even feel inspired to take on a challenge, be that big or small to support Reach. If you have a Fundraising  idea that you would like to discuss please call Sarah on 07729 102266.

We all have our stories to tell, here are just some of them....

Claire's Charity Walk

Claire will be walking 135 miles (the distance we would usually travel to go on our annual holiday) in February to raise money for fun things like Reach holidays

Steve's Soccer Scratch Card

Thank you to Steve who raised £600 for our Big Give Challenge by hosting a Soccer Scratch Card.

Tilly and Jemima's Half Marathon 

Tilly and Jemima took on their own Half Marathon challenge and raised an incredible £2500 between them, thanks in part to a match funder.

Ed's Fundraising Ed was busy running weekly quizzes during the Coronavirus lockdown. He asked for donations from participants and raised an amazing £2191. Ed also helped to raise £1844 from proceeds of a raffle hosted by OMD.

Reach Relay Team ride My Ride London virtual event

Chelsea, Laura, Steve and Jonny between them rode from Reach Newark to reach Southwell and then on to Reach Mansfield in a relay as part of the My Ride London virtual event.

Southwell Rubgy Team ride My Ride London virtual event

Members of Southwell Rugby Club rode 100km to raise money for Reach as part of the My Ride London virtual event.

Oliver’s Giving Tree

Oliver and Christine raised over £660 by asking for donations for hand-sewn flowers to be go on Oliver's tree. 

"I really wanted to do something to help raise money for Reach; they do so much to support Oliver. I know that the Coronavirus has hit Reach financially so I was grateful for any donations to Oliver's Giving Tree to help spread a little happiness" Christine, Mum to Oliver Mum) 

Andy Smith’s 2.6 Challenge for Reach

Andy took on a 2600 rep HIIT workout as part of the virtual 2.6 challenge to raise money for Reach.

"I don't live locally but my sister works for the charity and I always hear bout the amazing work they are doing, it's definitely a worthy cause to be supporting. I enjoy working out so thought I would set my self a workout challenge." Andy 

Mike and Simon's Sky Dive

"To celebrate my 60th Birthday I considered putting my feet up and relaxing with a nice glass or two of something cold; but quickly rejected the idea when someone suggested an alternative.

Naturally, I leapt at the opportunity. However, I didn't want the obvious pleasure of scaring myself witless to serve no purpose - so I set up a fundraising page for Reach Learning Disability, my favourite local charity.

I have been working for Reach since 2015; my wife Melissa started much earlier, in 2011." Mike

Mike and Simon raised £1,620!

The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe support Reach as Charity Of The Year

The Lord Nelson Pub in Winthorpe supported Reach as their chosen charity for the year. They hosted events throughout the year including a duck race, music festival, dog show and a quiz to raise money for Reach.

In total they raised £1887!

Andy Swain’s endurance ride- 752 miles in 64 hours

Andy raised over £5,600 completing 752 miles in 64 hours, stopping only for food and a few hours’ sleep , with an averaged a moving speed of 16.3 mph.

“I am so grateful for all the support and so pleased to have managed to raise a good total for Reach”. Andy

 “Andy showed such strength and determination to complete this task against all the odds. We are so proud that he chose Southwell’s own charity, Reach, to be the beneficiary of this Herculean challenge!” Steve, chief executive at Reach 

Pinders Opticians Supports Reach as Charity Of The Year

Pinders Opticians supported Reach as their charity of the Year across all 4 of their branches.

Throughout the year they raised money through collection tins and raffles and also hosted an incredible fashion show at Southwell Minster School, inviting lots of local business to get involved too.

They completed their fundraising with a sponsored Lego Challenge, which also involved the local community.


Sarah Cobb's Newark Half Marathon for Reach

“I knew running a half marathon would be a tough challenge! I had only ran up to 10k before I started my training, but felt I needed to push myself to do something much greater to justify asking people for sponsorship. Training was tough but went well. There was so much support on the day and the event was well organised. I would highly recommend the Newark Half Marathon to anyone considering it. I chose to run for Reach as it’s a great local charity doing fantastic work and you can see they are careful and thoughtful about how they spend the money people raise.” Sarah Cobb

Please note some of these videos feature asks towards fundraising pages. As these are historic events these pages are now closed.