Hello. I am Adrian. I am the father of Dale who has used Reach Care for several years.

Dale moved from living with us at home, to sharing a supported living bungalow in 2014 when he needed more support than we could provide. Initially the provider suggested by the County Council struggled to provide the support that he needed because of his complex needs. In 2016 we were devastated because that national company chose to pull out of providing support, giving us limited time to find an alternative.

We looked into the possible alternatives and were already aware of the extremely good reputation that Reach Care had for providing personal centred support, giving you more choice, control and independence.

They stood head and shoulders above the competition. We approached them and they rose to the challenge, from the first day they established a well trained staff team that took the time to get to know Dale and responding creatively and flexibly to his needs, developing a service around him.

Dale needs support for every aspect in his life, but Reach have given my wife and myself the confidence as parents to stand back and return to a more normal life, knowing that Dale is being well looked after, making his own choices and able to live his life as he would wish.

We have seen Dale grow increasingly confident with his staff and they have worked with him to create new opportunities to participate in community life and new and exciting activities.

Dale at home with a sign saying stay safe to our NHS ReachFor Dale and ourselves, Reach have always been outstanding but it is good that they have rightfully received the acknowledgement from CQC that they richly deserve, and the fact that they have won the Aspirations Training Employer of the Year Award is the icing on the cake!

Such is my faith in Reach, that I recently became a trustee of Reach Learning Disability and hope that I can contribute to helping other families enjoy the benefits that this organisation can offer.

Adrian Hartley

Dale’s father

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